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The 32nd Camper Journey

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Annual General Meeting


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will start off the year with the official commencement of the 32nd HKUYL. Advisors, alumni, and member school participants (hereafter known as ‘Campers’) will receive a brief of the aims and objectives for the coming year.

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Community Outlook -
Volunteering & Workshops

Jan - Feb

In the next phase of the Camper Journey, the Community Outlook (CO), Campers will have the opportunity to serve society through volunteering activities, and broaden their horizons by interacting with people of varying backgrounds.

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Social Awareness Project

Nov - Jan

The Social Awareness Project (SAP) marks the beginning of the Camper Journey. The Project aims to cultivate a sense of global responsibility in Campers by providing them with a platform to delve deep into both local and international issues, draft solutions and navigate the intricacies of international cooperation.


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