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Community Outlook - Documentary Project

The Community Outlook Documentary Project aims to encourage Campers to delve into a plethora of aspects in society, helping them cultivate a deeper understanding of issues pertinent to the Hong Kong community. The theme of this year’s investigation addresses various issues in Hong Kong, with groups assigned topics including but not limited to, ethnic minorities, animal rights, youths’ mental health, and sunset industries.

Throughout the Project, Campers were required to conduct investigations via interviews with industry professionals and non-governmental organisations (“NGOs”), street interviews, and online surveys. Subsequent to the study, Campers presented their findings and a brief reflection in the form of a documentary video.


Topics for the 32nd Community Outlook

Ethnic Minorities

Animal Rights

Youth Mental Health

Ageing Population & Elderly Care

Cantonese Language

People with Disabilities

Sunset Industries

Food Waste

Project Gallery

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