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Words from our Chairperson

- WONG, Lok Hin Isaac

Founded in 1992, our Union is a non-profit organization run solely by secondary school students. The Union aims to identify, acknowledge, and shape the leadership abilities of secondary school students. Through collaboration with over 30 member schools, we have been dedicated to organizing a wide array of activities, including seminars, social service projects, and training camps. The foundation laid by the union over the past 31 years has established us as one of the foremost student leadership organizations in the community. 


The conclusion of the 31st HKUYL signifies the commencement of the 32nd Anniversary. It’s indeed a cause for celebration, considering the union’s remarkable achievements over the decades. Our “UYLers” have consistently demonstrated their outstandingness and enthusiasm in serving the Union, the community, and the world. With great power comes great responsibility, we dare to make a change in our societies with our distinctive prowesses and aspirations despite the challenges that may lie ahead.


When it comes to leadership, what springs to our mind is often insurmountable peaks or boundless shorelines. Why so? We tend to associate leadership with daunting challenges as it is an intangible lesson that can’t be learned from persons or lectures. Standing at the forefront, leading the team, giving out directions, and taking risks amidst uncertainties, you name it. These are hard to master, hence it becomes easy for people to fear leadership. However leadership should never be intimidating or discouraging, it’s the incipience of our self-exploration. I can tell that leadership has been increasingly shaped into a fast-paced pursuit by the general public, people strive to reach the pinnacle in the realm of leadership as quickly as possible. In fact, leadership should be a perennial journey, allowing us to roam on the rapturing road at our own pace, unveiling leadership's intrinsic beauty and diversity. It’s even more crucial for us to understand our own leadership styles.


Stepping into the 32nd HKUYL, I am eager to instill a fresh mindset in my fellow UYLers, that leadership can be a flamboyant and astonishing journey for us to fully immerse ourselves in. Instead of urging you to grasp the entirety of the leadership puzzle, I am more interested in taking a breather with you all, to pause, scrutinize, and embrace the things around us, be it wonderful or unpleasant. The voyage ahead might seem overwhelming, but our trip holds true meaning and authenticity only when we can pluck up our courage to face unexpected circumstances that may arise.


It’s high time that we embark on this journey together. Keep this in mind, you Reveal the Radiant Realm, you reveal your true journey.


WONG, Lok Hin Isaac


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