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Annual General Meeting     Nov 

The opening ceremony will start off the year with the official commencement of the 30th HKUYL.  Succeeding the opening ceremony, the Annual General Meeting will begin with a report of achievements of the previous year and the objectives for the coming year.  Advisors, alumni, and member school participants (hereafter known as ‘Campers’) will receive a brief of the aims and objectives for the coming year. Campers will then split into groups and partake in challenging group activities as they embark on the first quarter of their journey – the Social Awareness Project.


Social Awareness Project    Nov - Jan

The Social Awareness Project marks the beginning of the Camper Journey. The Project aims to cultivate a sense of global responsibility in Campers by providing them with a platform to delve deep into both local and international issues, draft solutions and navigate the intricacies of international cooperation. 
The pinnacle of the project is the World Congress. During the two-day conference, Campers investigate various global affairs through completing group tasks. The Congress also includes a Forum where Campers act as delegates of different countries to draft and discuss proposals hoping to alleviate the global issues presented to them. The intention is to encourage Campers to think from the perspectives of different stakeholders, discuss thoroughly and develop comprehensive proposals to cope with these pressing issues.
After viewing and discussing global issues, Campers put their knowledge and skills acquired into practice. The second part of the Social Awareness Project brings Campers back to our local community, with opportunities for Campers to further their understanding towards the cultural landscape of Hong Kong. Action speaks louder than words. Activities such as documentary filming are designed for Campers to experience and gain insight from their community. A small action can make a huge impact on the community. Through the service opportunities and workshops, not only will Campers learn to deal with global issues at scale, but also better understand local issues that affect our city.


Christmas Reunion    Dec 

The Christmas Reunion provides an opportunity for Alumni, Committee Members, and Campers to share their extraordinary experiences in the Union and their definition of ‘OUTSTANDING’ in an electrifying atmosphere.

Community Outlook    Feb - Mar 

Moving onto the Community Outlook, Campers will have the opportunity to serve society through volunteering activities, and broaden their horizons by interacting with people of varying backgrounds. During workshops and simulations, Campers can experience and gain insights from communal issues, ranging from the ageing population and the disabled to inequality and intergenerational poverty. Then, through service experiences in collaboration with external non-profit organisations, Campers will be able to apply their knowledge to serve the community first-hand and help those in need.

Youth Leadership Seminar   Apr - Jun

During the Youth Leadership Seminar, Campers are placed into a narrative, where they have to cope with the practical issues in the context of a fictitious world. They will have the chance to put the skills that they have acquired thus far, such as communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking, to the test through programs and tasks.


The climax of the Seminar is a four-day-three-night camp that hopes to catalyze Campers’ self-discovery and improvement. Campers may face different obstacles and setbacks during the Seminar. Yet, learning to work calmly and to unite the group, especially in the face of adversity, is a crucial attribute for a leader to develop. Only by knowing the strengths and weaknesses of others, and effectively managing and delegating assignments, can they complete tasks with flying colours. Campers will also be given numerous opportunities to collaborate. As they stand by each other through hardships and hurdles, their camaraderie will also strengthen.

Camper-cum-Committee Project    Jun - Aug

Approaching the end of the Camper Journey, Campers will take up the role of organisers to put their strengths and ingenuity acquired in the previous projects to good use as they design their self-initiated project for non-members of HKUYL. Campers will gain a taste of the preparation work involved in brainstorming programmes for participants while Committee Members provide them with apt advice as to how they can organise a successful event.


Hugh O’ Brian Youth World Leadership Congress (HOBY WLC 23’)    Jul

HKUYL has the privilege to send around ten Campers to participate in the World Leadership Congress (WLC) organised by the Hugh O’Brian Youth Foundation (HOBY) every year. If the pandemic situation permits, Campers will have the chance to attend the congress in Chicago, where more than 400 ambassadors from all around the world gather to share experiences and visions. Due to the pandemic, the HOBY WLC 20’ and 21’ were held online. However, Campers still had a fruitful experience as they interacted with ambassadors from around the world and had a pleasant time surrounded by the positive atmosphere of the HOBY family. Undoubtedly, the Congress provides an invaluable opportunity for Campers to diversify their thoughts and explore their uniqueness. Various guest speakers bring inspiring viewpoints and innovative ideas to encourage youths to strive to reach new heights.


Annual Dinner    Sep

The Annual Dinner marks the end of the Camper Journey. This is a delicate occasion as Honorary Advisors, Alumni, Committee Members and Campers are gathered to stroll down memory lane of their Camper journey, reminiscing the experiences they had in the Union. HOBY WLC Ambassadors will have the opportunity to share their experiences at the Congress. The dinner is the grand finale of the year as Campers get to perform with their group members for one last time.

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