Annual General Meeting & GAP Orientation Day    Nov 

The opening ceremony will start off the year with the official commencement of the 28th HKUYL.  Succeeding the opening ceremony, the Annual General Meeting will begin with a report of achievements of the previous year and the objectives for the coming year.  Advisors, alumni, and member school participants (hereafter known as ‘Campers’) will receive a brief of the aims and objectives for the coming year. Campers will then split into groups and partake in challenging group activities as they embark on the first quarter of their journey – the Global Awareness Project.


Global Awareness Project    Nov - Jan

'When you meet the real problems of life, look for the real lessons of life for the real lessons of life are in the real problems of life’.

The Global Awareness Project marks the commencement of the Camper journey.  It provides a platform for Campers to look into the global issues, draft solutions and navigate the intricacies of the international cooperation.  The Project aims to cultivate a sense of global responsibility and refine leadership abilities that Campers can recall for the rest of their journey.


The World Congress, a two-day conference, is the climax of the project.  Campers are divided into various groups and investigate global affairs. The Congress also includes a Forum where Campers act as delegates of different countries, where they draft and discuss proposals to solve the global issues addressed.  They are recommended to think from different perspectives, discuss thoroughly and develop comprehensive proposals to cope with the crux of the problems.


Christmas Reunion    Dec 

The Christmas Reunion provides an opportunity for Alumni, Committee Members and Campers to share their extraordinary experiences in the Union and their own definition of ‘OUTSTANDING’ in an electrifying atmosphere.

Community Outlook    Jan - Mar

After viewing and discussing issues, Campers put their knowledge and skills acquired from the Global Awareness Project into practice.  Community Outlook provides an opportunity for Campers to shoulder their responsibility and serve the community. Action speaks louder than words.  Numerable activities such as workshops and simulations will be designed for Campers to experience and gain insight from their communities. A small step can create one giant leap for the community.  In the Community Outlook, not only will Campers learn to deal with delicate issues in real life, they can also take the initiative to make the society a better place.


Youth Leadership Seminar    Mar - Apr

During the Youth Leadership Seminar, Campers are placed into a narrative, where they will have to cope with the practical issues in the context of a fictitious world.  Generic skills ranging from communication skills, leadership skills, problem-solving skills to critical thinking skills gained from previous projects will be tested through arduous programmes and tasks.


The pinnacle of the seminar, a four-day-three-night camp, serves as a catalyst for personal change and strengthening the bonding between Camper.  Campers may face different challenges and setbacks during the seminar. Yet, conquering the fear when facing obstacles is one of the ingredients of happiness.  Only by knowing the strengths and weaknesses of every individual to effectively manage and delegate the tasks and deal with difficulties can we complete the tasks with flying colours.  The journey in the Union is undoubtedly more exciting than the destination. 

Camper-cum-Committee Project        May - Aug

Approaching the end of the Camper journey, Campers will take up the role as organisers to apply the ingenuity and mastery achieved in the previous projects and design their own project for non-members of HKUYL.  Campers will gain a taste of the work required to brainstorm programmes and projects for participants with adequate instruction of the Committee Members.  The CCC project can unleash Campers’ potentials in leading, inspiring and enriching participants’ learning and personal growth in a bid to present their own personal definitions of the word “outstanding”.


Hugh O’ Brian Youth World Leadership Congress (HOBY WLC 20')    July

Each year, HKUYL sends ten Campers to participate in the World Leadership Congress (WLC) organized by the Hugh O’Brian Youth Foundation (HOBY) in Chicago, where more than 400 ambassadors from all around the world gather to share experiences and visions.  There is no gainsaying that the congress provides an invaluable opportunity for Campers to diversify their thoughts and explore the uniqueness of every part of the world. 


Having consistent sharing of different forms of the learning experience will help Campers to gain further appreciation and understanding of different perspectives.  Innumerable illustrious guest speakers at the Congress bring state-of-the-art viewpoints and innovations to inspire the youth to reach newer heights and strive for perfection in a bid to raise their competitive edge.


Annual Dinner    Aug

The Annual Dinner marks the end of the Camper journey.  This is a delicate occasion for both Campers and Committee Members to stroll down the memory lane of the year-long journey. Alumni and Honorary Advisors will also be invited.  HOBY WLC Ambassadors will share their experiences in Chicago.