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What is HKUYL?

Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders 

- since 1992

Leadership has many definitions; one of the finest examples is from Dale Carnegie: to help people achieve what they are capable of, to establish a vision for the future, to encourage, to coach and to mentor, and to establish and maintain successful relationships. Since its establishment in October 1992, the Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders (HKUYL) has always worked diligently at helping young people to discover the leadership strengths within them and to find their own definition of leadership.



The Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders is a non-profit making, student-based organization, registered under the Societies Ordinance (REF.CP/LIC/SO/19/10188). The Union aims at seeking out, recognizing and nurturing the leadership abilities of secondary school students. This is achieved through various activities including seminars, social service projects and training camps, and through providing them exposure to recognized leaders in today’s society. Besides sharpening students’ leadership skills, the Union also aims at making them aware of local problems, and strives to promote a sense of global citizenship as well as commitment and dedication to the world community. 


The first event of the year is the Social Awareness Project (SAP).  The Project aims at raising Campers’ global awareness and deepening their understanding of international issues.  It also provides a platform for Campers to exchange ideas through various workshops, lectures, and debates. The highlight of the Project is the World Congress, a formal occasion scheduled in late December.  Campers will be required to present their proposals and to engage in discussions as different stakeholders around the globe, which will further their global awareness and foster their sense of social responsibility.  Through the World Congress, we also wish to boost their critical thinking and public speaking skills. 



After Campers have dug deep into investigating local and global issues during the World Congress, it is time for them to contribute back to society.  The second phase of a Camper’s journey, Community Outlook (CO), will commence after the Congress.  Campers will be exposed to a broad spectrum of community work, such as serving the underprivileged or the elderly.  Through this, we hope to develop their sense of empathy and a better understanding of society, so that they will later be able to serve the community as Young Leaders with a humbled attitude.


The major highlight of the Union is the annual Youth Leadership Seminar (YLS), which is the third quarter of the Camper Journey. Through numerous lectures, discussions and workshops, Campers learn about the different aspects of leadership, such as effective communication, motivating people and setting goals. The climax of the seminar is a four-day-three-night camp that involves an open congress, simulations and a series of group games.  By bringing together elite students from the secondary schools of Hong Kong, the Youth Leadership Seminar helps to build an extensive network of potential leaders, and amongst them fosters friendships that last for a lifetime.  



Every July, ten outstanding students will be nominated to participate in the Hugh O'Brian Youth World Leadership Congress (HOBY WLC), which will be held in Chicago this summer.  Excellent young leaders from all over the world will gather for meaningful cultural exchange as well as build international friendship.


Approaching the end of the Camper Journey, Campers will take up the role of organisers in the Camper-cum-Committee Project (CCC) to put their strengths and ingenuity acquired in the previous projects to good use as they design their self-initiated project for non-members of HKUYL. Campers will gain a taste of the preparation work involved in brainstorming programmes for participants while Committee Members provide them with apt advice as to how they can organise a successful event.



Throughout the year, the Union organises Career Expos for alumni and Campers. These career expos serve as a platform for individuals to explore various career options, gain insights from industry professionals, and connect with potential employers. The expos feature a diverse range of industries, including law, healthcare, finance, technology, healthcare, arts, and more, to cater to the various interests and aspirations of the participants. Through these career expos, they aim to equip young leaders with the necessary tools, knowledge, and connections to excel in their chosen fields and become successful professionals.

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