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Youth Leadership Seminar
Camp - Nevodia

The four-day, three-night Youth Leadership Seminar Camp was successfully held from 31st March to 3rd April. The Camp grants Campers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get along with their dearest peers, to embrace the fullest potential of oneself, and to create a memory of a lifetime. It is hoped that all Campers may go through a transformative journey in the Union's annual most highly-anticipated event. With mini-workshops and large-scaled activities, all events are meticulously crafted to polish each quality of being a leader.


First Day (31/3)

On the afternoon of the first day, Campers gathered in Yuen Long to board the "UYL bus" and travel to the Po Leung Kuk Jockey Club Tai Tong Holiday Camp. UYL cheers rang out throughout the ride, helping to maintain high spirits and energy during the trip.

After settling in with an icebreaker game, Campers were greeted with their first evening activity - the "Nightwalk." Campers were first led blindfolded to a distant area of the campsite. They were then given time to reflect on all the memories made so far in their Camper Journey. As leaders, we must always take time to reflect on ourselves to recognize our strengths and realise our true potential.

Ending the introspection with the call, "May you now take action to show us that you are ready to walk the remaining journey in the Union", Campers would be presented with a psychological obstacle. On their own, Campers had to figure out how to "take action" and complete the challenge without receiving concrete instructions from the committee members. The goal was for Campers to understand that taking initiatives is a crucial part of being a leader; that staying true and confident in themselves is one of the qualities for being a successful leader.


Second Day (1/4)

The second day began with an energetic game of ‘bubble football’. Campers enthusiastically put on their bubble shield and participated in a thrilling football competition in groups. Laughter and excitement filled the air as they bounced and bumped into each other, adding to the fun. 

In the afternoon, four groups of Campers engaged in a flag-stealing game. Each team had to protect their squad flag while attempting to steal the flags of other groups. The intensity of the game heightened as various strategies were devised. Campers showcased great teamwork and sportsmanship. 

Following a series of exhilarating mass games, Campers were blindfolded and led to a barbecue site where they enjoyed their dinner. In the midst of youthful and mirthful ambiance, Campers gathered and shared their experiences, creating lasting memories. 

As the day neared its end, Campers took part in a detective game. They were tasked with investigating a mysterious case. Working together, campers collaborated to unravel the entire storyline, showing their problem-solving skills and logical thinking. Through this activity, Campers confronted the challenges with tenacity and determination, motivating one another to keep going. They learnt to pay attention to details, make connections between different pieces of information, and think critically to draw conclusions.


Third Day (2/4)

The third day commenced with a talent show and ad-lib performances. Campers composed their own squad songs and showcased their talents in the talent show, which was followed by a plethora of improvised performances. During the afternoon of the day, Campers engaged in the activity, Cut & Stride, which aimed to enhance skills through cardboard path creation on a basketball court. The Campfire and Disco Night is undoubtedly the pinnacle of the YLS Camp. The campfire brought together alumni, committee members, as well as campers in an exuberant celebration of unity and the passing of the torch. The latter ignited passion with dynamic dances, award-winning songs, and a vibrant ambiance. Last but not least, Family Time allows committee members and Campers to have in-depth conversation, stimulating personal growth. This sequence of events promotes talent appreciation, collaboration, skill development, unity, celebration, and reflection within the union.


Fourth Day (3/4)

On the final day of the Youth Leadership Seminar Camp, a wave of emotions swept through the campers and committee members as they gathered to reflect on their transformative journey. Tears flowed freely as they shared their heartfelt thoughts and memories, realizing that this chapter of their lives was coming to an end.

Amidst the bittersweet farewells, there was a palpable sense of gratitude and hope. The campers had entered the program with a spark of hope, and now, as they stood on the precipice of departure, they carried within them a renewed sense of purpose and belief in their own potential.

The personal growth experienced by each individual was nothing short of remarkable. From timid beginnings, they had blossomed into confident young leaders, ready to make a positive impact in their communities. The challenges they faced during the camp had fostered resilience, determination, and the ability to collaborate effectively with others.

As they took group photos in front of the union bus, a symbol of their unity and shared experiences, they couldn't help but smile through their tears. These snapshots captured not only the faces of their newfound friends but also the memories of laughter, learning, and personal breakthroughs.

In parting, encouraging words filled the air, affirming the campers' potential to create change and pursue their dreams. The camp had ignited a flame within them, inspiring them to embrace their unique strengths, embrace difference, and strive for excellence. They left the camp with a sense of purpose and a network of support, knowing that they were part of a larger movement of youth empowerment.

As the last day of camp drew to a close, the campers and committee members departed, carrying with them cherished memories, newfound friendships, and an unwavering belief in the power of youth.


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