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Social Awareness Project

The Social Awareness Project (SAP) marks the beginning of the Camper Journey. The Project endeavours to raise Campers’ awareness of persistent global issues that demand immediate attention. Building upon the ideal of globalism, SAP is the foundation for instilling within Campers a global mindset to provide necessary help to communities in need, and an intrinsic drive to make a change in contemporary society. This year, the Project includes an Orientation Day, a workshop, the World Congress as the highlight, and a Closing Ceremony.


Orientation Day

The Orientation Day of the Social Awareness Project (SAP) was successfully held on 26th November, 2023, marking the official announcement of 49 F4 students’ HKUYL camper journey. During the first part of the Orientation Day, Campers embarked on a quest to search for their SAP group members by deciphering clues enclosed in individual envelopes. Once introduced to their SAP group mates, Campers engaged in a campus tracing activity designed to foster camaraderie and facilitate mutual acquaintanceship. Throughout this session, the groups collaborated to accomplish tasks at different checkpoints scattered around the campus. This allows Campers to bond and familiarise themselves with fellow companions of their SAP journey.

After the campus tracing session, Campers were introduced to the first cheer of their journeys, “Alive, Awake, Alert, enthusiastic”. As an integral tradition of the Union, the value of cheering was passed along to the newest generation of UYLers. The day ended as Campers embarked on a brand-new chapter of their secondary school life.



The First Workshop of the Social Awareness Project was successfully held on 16th December, 2023 at St. Paul’s College. The Workshop commenced with engaging presentation sessions conducted by all six groups. Campers introduced their group names, slogans, and gestures, followed by their proposal to solve the designated global issues they had researched beforehand. Through raising solutions to ameliorate social issues in various countries, such as gender inequality, sexual discrimination, persecution of religious minorities, etc. Campers exhibited a remarkable eagerness and motivation to delve into comprehensive and astute investigations into the pressing challenges plaguing our world. 

The highlight of the Workshop was the Global Resource Quest in the afternoon session. Campers were divided into six groups, each representing a country. Campers also had a designated role as ambassadors of developing countries where they had to contest for vital resources. Navigating checkpoints with varying levels of difficulty, Campers gained a deeper understanding of the dire circumstances of developing countries that ensue from a lack of resources.


World Congress

The World Congress was successfully convened on the 23rd and 24th of December, 2022, at Hong Kong Scout Centennial Building. As the pinnacle event of the Social Awareness Project (SAP), the World Congress centred around the global objective of safeguarding fundamental human rights across diverse communities. Participants delved into a multitude of urgent crises pertaining to human rights, analysing the underlying causes behind such atrocities and striving to minimise their adverse effects. Through interactive forums and collaborative tasks, participants expressed their perspectives and worked together to formulate a Forum Proposal, with the shared goal of ensuring basic human rights for a larger populace. Throughout this process, the cultivation of sophisticated thinking and critical analysis played essential roles in fostering a substantive and fruitful Congress.

We firmly believe that the Ambassadors have acquired a deeper understanding of human rights-related crises, while also enhancing their skills in collaboration and communication. We trust that the Ambassadors will maintain their unwavering dedication to global affairs as they progress on their journey towards becoming future leaders.


Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony of the Social Awareness Project (SAP) was successfully convened on Saturday, 21st January 2023, signifying a significant milestone in the completion of the project. During this culminating session of SAP, participants took the opportunity to engage in profound reflection, acknowledging the transformative journey they had embarked upon. The preceding weeks had been characterised by a whirlwind of dynamic activities, including enlightening workshops, intellectually stimulating presentations, and spirited discussion sessions. These endeavours fostered an environment where participants could freely exchange ideas, perspectives, and experiences, while learning from esteemed experts in the field.

As the curtain descended on the SAP initiative, an unmistakable sense of achievement and camaraderie permeated the air. What had once been a gathering of strangers had evolved into a tightly-knit community of individuals bound by a shared passion for effecting positive change. The knowledge acquired, skills honed, and relationships forged throughout are poised to have a profound and enduring impact on the personal and professional trajectories of the participants.

The Closing Ceremony not only celebrated the completion of SAP but also served as a catalyst, inspiring participants to continue their commitment to social awareness and actively contribute to a more equitable and just world.


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