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Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders

Words from Chairperson

25 years of inspiration, 25 years of innovation.  It's been 25 years since Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders established.  For a quarter of a century, the Union nurtured countless leaders, and allowed UYLers to discover their potential.  Eventually defining their own definition of outstanding.  Here, we go beyond the simple acts of telling, explaining or demonstrating.  We, as a part of this community, inspire each other to venture the uncharted, to kindle the spark, to delineate their orbit, and become a leader which sets sail to inspire more individuals.


We can’t change the world, unless we change ourselves.

Houston Craft, a kindness advocate said, “A move of your pinky can ripple through space and time, travel millions of light-years and change the universe.”  More than often, people say that the mere impacts we created on an individual is insignificant, and that we will never change the world.  Yet UYLers see otherwise, we believe that the tiny effect we created will propagate and make a difference in our society.  That is why we sing our song loud and clear, because we have faith, because we have passion; because we are bold, because we are one.
Coruscate Through the Mist 
What is a vision?  A vision involves aligning others into your perspective while envisioning the future.  A vision makes a leader.  Many renowned leaders today once walked in our shoes, they searched for their definitions of outstanding, and looked up to someone as their idol.  It is through envisioning the future, and aligning others into their perspectives that makes them a leader.  The power of a vision lies beyond our imagination, it shaped the world that we are living in today.  This world where we now treat a man and a women equally.  This world where we can live our lives regardless of religious beliefs.  This world where we can love without concerning gender.  And a vision started it all.

We have a vision.  A vision to become leaders of tomorrow.  As we set sail to fulfil the goal, the vision we have shall shed light on our path, and guide us to overcome the obstacles which obstruct our way.  It is with the unwavering light that our vision radiates, allows us to sail beyond into the darkness and unknown, to unearth our potential, to align and to pursue the same goal.  Although there might be times when we no longer have the passion and strength which once motivated our soul, and our path might be blurred by the obscuring mist, the light that our vision radiates shall guide us through the dark times, delineate our path, and coruscate through the mist to become leaders of tomorrow.


We will become a vision.  As we become leaders of tomorrow, we shall light the path of many individuals.  We will inspire them to dream, to try, to conquer, and to become leaders of tomorrow, today.

Leung, Henri Ting Wai
25th Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders - 2016-2017

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Mail: General Post Office Box 10379, Central, Hong Kong SAR

Fax: 3013 9790

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