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Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders

Words from the Chairperson

It is not a light burden to carry the legacy of 25 years of leaders and inspirers, but it is an honour that we are proud to shoulder.  In many ways, there is no single word that can sufficiently describe the Union.  To us, the Union is a home, where one can find solace and direction in this contingent world; the Union is an institution, where one learns the lessons of the mind and the spirit.  Above all, the Union is a place that demands excellence, where everything should be done to an exceptional standard, where we should strive for nothing less than perfect.


'Leadership is the ability to translate vision into reality.’ ~ Warren Bennis


Every person has a vision, but what distinguishes leaders from others is the conviction and tenacity to follow through.  No matter if one’s vision is a simple target or a world-changing plan, it is worthless if one is unable to render it into reality.  This is what the Union aims to accomplish, to allow future leaders to begin on their journey to realizing their visions.  UYL-ers begin by influencing those around them, then becoming an active member of their community, and eventually growing into ardent leaders who will shape the future.  This is where it all begins, this is the first step in that journey that will change the world.


Embark on Your Odyssey


The Odyssey is a Greek epic detailing Odysseus’s journey, starting with him stranded on and unable to escape the island of Ogygia.  Like Odysseus, we all eventually find ourselves deserted and hopeless, met with odds that seem insurmountable and unconquerable, stranded on our own Ogygia.  While everyone eventually finds themselves on this island, what defines a survivor, an elite, a leader; is whether one can get off that island, and like Odysseus, ultimately sailing to success.


We believe a leader is defined by three things: their vision, their mettle, and their drive.  A leader must have their own vision, a vision of what they aim to accomplish, a vision on how they want the world to be, a vision of their own odyssey.  Without a vision, nothing can be accomplished.  Leaders must also have mettle, challenges are the epitome of any worthy journey and a leader must have the resilience to match up to these challenges.  If the leader loses hope, the rest follow suit.  Therefore, a leader must persist through their odyssey, no matter how arduous and how difficult it may be.  Finally, a leader must be driven, driven to reach their goal and fulfill their vision, and accepting nothing less than excellence.  Accepting mediocrity is to compromise one’s vision, and is no different to giving up.  A leader should settle for nothing less than an epic journey, an odyssey that leads to success.


This year, we aim to push Campers to achieve the qualities of a leader, to inspire them to embark on their own odysseys, to realize their own goals and desires, and take matters into their own hands.  We hope that we will craft a generation of brave unwavering leaders, who will be spearheading the making of a better tomorrow.


Ho, Wun Yin Lester


26th Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders


Email: info@hkuyl.org.hk This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mail: General Post Office Box 10379, Central, Hong Kong SAR

Fax: 3013 9790

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