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Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders

Words from Chairperson

Throughout the 22 years, with the incessant devotion of UYLers, our union has fostered countless passionate young leaders who are striving hard for a refinement in various aspects. So what is your definition of a leader? To us, the 23rd committee board, anyone who is capable to cast an impact on the others is a leader. The union has long been emboldening campers to aspire their associate, to seep the UYL magic into their own communities and to explore the boundless unknown.

Adolescent is the impulse to ameliorate the conservative society that we had once used to live in . Following the diversification of society are the dilemma and emerging uncertainties. Some might choose to accept the restful present-day while some are apprehensive about the wobbly future. Would you accept to be spanned by the consuetude and custom brought by the ancestors? Would you have the prowess to covert vision into reality and influence your peers? Teenagers like you and me take up the role to arouse the public’s awareness to realize our dreams. Action speaks louder than words, we have to enrich ourselves with knowledge and broaden our horizons through experiences. There are assorted approaches for us to influence the world, different people pave their own paths. Union is the place for us to dig deep into ourselves, exploring our potentials and making an impact on each other.

Stride over the miles

With the zeal for a refinement in our society, we should foster an acumen mind and carefully tile our action plan. As the leaders of tomorrow, it is vital for us to pave our ways with enthusiasm, determination and perseverance. We cannot keep compiling our dreams with words, but with actions in the communities. Unpredictable trials are inevitable as we open up these unascertained courses. To conquer these trials, a complete dis-regard for where our abilities end is the key to success. Breakthroughs are made by courageous predecessors to put their ingenious ideas into practice. Achieve the unachievable is doubtless the machete for us to discover the concealed.

To set off this life-and-world-changing trail, we could pave our avenues towards our goal with creativity and persistence. This road is not only for ourselves, but a pathway for others to follow, an exemplification for people to imitate, a platform for inspiring more innovations to enrich our society. By constructing more and more trails, it will then become a network that stimulate advancements and be further transformed into a chain reaction- individuals influenced by influence.

Mile is not only a unit of measurement of how long our ways are, but a record of our endeavor and endurance. Evaluating the past while foreseeing the future is an imperative quality a leader should posses. We cannot keep reminiscing the compliments and achievement we had in the past, but driving ourselves to review the paths we have been through. Cultivating a vision to view things through different perspectives so as to covet new ideas is the only way to keep us advance. Leaders become outstanding by a desire to be outstanding.

UYLers, it’s time to seek for your flairs, it’s time to stride over the miles.


NG, Kelvin Keng Sang


23rd Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders, 2014 - 2015

Email: info@hkuyl.org.hk This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mail: General Post Office Box 10379, Central, Hong Kong SAR

Fax: 3013 9790

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