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Alumni Sharing

Although it has been 8 years since my GAP experience, I can never forget how I first found the UYL Magic in GAP. 7 of us who represented India, spending days and nights in fast food stores after school, boning up all the materials, and finally having a fabulous World Congress in the HKU Council Chamber.

What I earned from GAP may not only be my global awareness but most importantly a lifelong friendship with my groupmates (and of course, my fellow 19th Campers and 20th Comms). I still remember that night I spent with my GAP groupmates (btw, it is called 5gum) in the cottages on Lantau, counting stars and waiting for our DSE results.

We shall be celebrating our 10th anniversary in the Union, and till now we are still having reunions, sending seasonal greetings to each other, and even...attending weddings!

As once a publicity officer, I shall conclude with the typical sentence - My fellow UYLers, may I express my heartfelt gratitude to your unfailing support to our OUTSTANDING friendship, and... don't forget our promise to have a reunion at 60th HKUYL.  Fingers crossed.

QC Alumni

Steve Cheung

19 Camper, 20 Publicity Officer

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