Words from the Chairperson

The Union was founded in 1992 with the aim To Inspire Tomorrow’s Leaders Today.  27 years later, as we continue to uphold the visions and traditions of the Union, it is essential to look back and identify what shaped the Union into what it is today.  The success of the Union is undeniably thanks to the 27 years of continued innovation and determination of our predecessors, and now, it is up to us to maintain its prestige whilst ascending towards new heights.  The Union has been and always been the congregation of the brightest, aspiring young talents from all of Hong Kong; where collectively, the insurmountable is but a reality.  Bringing together like-minded, passionate youths, the Union is also a place to call home, sheltered from the torments and the harsh truths of society, providing a sanctuary for mind and soul.


In the Union, we highlight our exceptionalities, or “outstanding-ness”.  Being outstanding leaders is more about the vision we possess; the vision of a better, brighter future.  As leaders, we bridge the gap between vision and reality, and as we pursue these ideals, we bring about positive change to the people around us; our communities and societies.  Each one of us is inherently different, each one of us is outstanding in our own ways, and only by uniting and utilizing each of our abilities is there the best possible outcome.


Surmount the Salient Summits


First, identify your goals and ideals, choose the ones that matter the most to you, and persist in your journey.  The path towards the summit is unavoidably arduous; a wavering attitude will ultimately result in failure.  Whenever you feel weary, recall the time when you first set out on your destination and cling on to your original purpose.  Remind yourself why you chose your objective, why your ideals are important to you, why you must do what you do. Persist, and before you know it, you are already halfway there.


Second, stick together.  All great accomplishments are the result of combined effort; no great task was ever completed alone.  The true potential in the Union lies within the synergies induced when leaders each with unlimited potential unite as one single entity, together conquering hardships and surpassing all limits.  Take the time to acknowledge your companions, for they will be the ones who accompany you on your ascent.  At times, they are the guides, offering invaluable words of guidance when you are lost; at times, they are the followers, supporting you unconditionally when you are in distress.  Having a trusting group of friends will carry you through all the way to the summit.


However, it takes more to be truly outstanding.  What separates the average leader from an exceptional one is more than merely achievement or leadership, but the capacity of the mind.  You must be capable of contemplating beyond common conventions, equipped with the competence to grasp the bigger, fuller picture, and brimming with passion to actualize vision into action.  As young leaders, we have the upper hand over others because we are young, and we are the future; we have nothing to lose and we can try everything.  Instead of asking ‘Why me?’, ask yourselves: ‘Why not me?’  If not you, then who else?


With the power of unity, we shall continue to guide and inspire leaders of tomorrow.


CHENG, Shing Chak Jonathan


28th Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders

Words from Alumni

Katie Yuen

SMCC Alumni

23 Camper 24 Chair

Sean Tam

SPC Alumni

23 Camper 24 External Secretary

Steve Cheung

QC Alumni

19 Camper 20 Publicity Officer

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