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Inspiring Leaders Today

Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders - since 1992. 

Our Mission

The Union aims at seeking out, recognizing and nurturing the leadership abilities of secondary school students. This is achieved through various activities including seminars, social service projects and training camps, and through providing them exposure to recognized leaders in today’s society.


Besides sharpening students’ leadership skills, the Union also aims at making them aware of local problems and strives to promote a sense of global citizenship as well as commitment and dedication to the world community. 

Our projects have a track record of nurturing personal growth and igniting a drive for action. Campers emerge from the Union equipped with the essential knowledge and unwavering enthusiasm to create a positive influence in their school and community. Through the Union, students can unlock limitless opportunities and forge meaningful connections with over 3000+ alumni that extend far beyond the boundaries of just only our projects.

Latest News


32nd Community Outlook - volunteering & workshops


32nd social awareness project


32nd board of committees


Hear from our Alumni

Steve Cheung

QC Alumni

19 Camper 20 Publicity Officer

What I earned from GAP may not only be my global awareness but most importantly a lifelong friendship with my groupmates.

Katie Yuen

SMCC Alumni

23 Camper 24 Chair

The Union is a place for self-exploration, and for realising how each person is connected to each other and the bigger picture.

Sean Tam

SPC Alumni

23 Camper 24 External Secretary

Your real journey starts with letting go all of your insecurities and devoting to this place.

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