29th Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders - Pursue the Perilous Paths
29th Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders - Pursue the Perilous Paths

Social Awareness Project - World Congress
Social Awareness Project - World Congress

Social Awareness Project - Orientation Day
Social Awareness Project - Orientation Day

29th Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders - Pursue the Perilous Paths
29th Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders - Pursue the Perilous Paths


Words from the Chairperson

Established in 1992, our Union is a non-profit organization run solely by secondary school students. Over the past 28 years, our Union has made a great effort in nurturing young talents by equipping them with leadership skills as well as training their open-minded thinking towards global and local issues. Through working with over 30 of our member schools, we have developed into one of the leading student leadership organizations in Hong Kong.


Pursue the Perilous Paths


Today marks the start of our journey into the Union’s 29th year.  Throughout the past 28 years, our predecessors have built upon our cornerstone of “Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders Today” with passion and determination, and the Union has flourished as a vibrant hub of innovative ideas and enthusiastic young minds ever since.  For this, I give my sincerest thanks to our alumni.


I am positive that in the new year, while we honour the multitude of new heights attained in the Union, as well as our success in engaging the wider community, we will continue to remain true to our original aspirations — to bring about positive change in our society as future leaders.  We will not be satisfied with putting anything other than our best foot forward on our endeavour towards Outstanding-ness.  We will venture to stay grounded in our work and continually persist in upholding the spirit of our Union — for this particularly unusual year poses exceptionally harsh challenges to our Union and to the society at large.

In light of these ever-changing events, every new step we take implies the emergence of a plethora of unprecedented challenges.  It has become more and more impractical to account for all the possible twists and turns the path to our goal may take.  But more often than not, deviations from our original path do not signify failure; rather, they represent a change of scenery, a series of fresh opportunities for us to discover new methods of doing what we have been replicating from the past.  So we must keep our minds open and flexible to whatever we may encounter and grasp every single moment for improvement; as only by doing so, may we hold steadfast to our goal of making a difference amidst these tumultuous circumstances.

However, being adaptable is just the beginning of our journey.  While we delve into the depths of our minds to seek for new solutions to new problems every day, it is all the more important to keep in mind that we cannot afford to lose the drive to put vision into action.  As we face the overflow of ideas that our brains come up with, we also face the dangers of thinking too much about the question, “What could happen?” instead of “How can I make it happen?”.  Sadly, the real world is much too complex for every solution we think of to fit perfectly in the grand scheme of our goals.  But that doesn’t mean that we should restrict our thoughts to the mundane and conventional — it just indicates that we have to constantly refine our own plans in order to keep in touch with what reality brings, as well as remind ourselves that ideas are not just for the sake of ideas themselves, but for the sake of concrete action and long-term improvement.  And that is what separates a leader from an aimless dreamer: the ability to pursue your plans and achieve what you dream of doing.

Finally, as we forge ahead on the perilous paths towards our final destination, let us not forget to pause and appreciate the beauty of the views around us, and the beauty of the people supporting us on our endeavour towards success.  The Union will always be a place to call home, no matter where your path may lead; and its people will always be here at your side through thick and thin.

Here’s to our 29th year of Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders Today.


CHEUK, Tui Yau Kinnia


29th Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders

Words from Alumni

Katie Yuen

SMCC Alumni

23 Camper 24 Chair

The Union is a place for self-exploration, and for realising how each person is connected to each other and the bigger picture.

Sean Tam

SPC Alumni

23 Camper 24 External Secretary

Your real journey starts with letting go all of your insecurities and devoting to this place.

Steve Cheung

QC Alumni

19 Camper 20 Publicity Officer

What I earned from GAP may not only be my global awareness but most importantly a lifelong friendship with my groupmates.