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Words from the Chairperson

Established in 1992, our Union is a non-profit organisation run solely by secondary school students. Over the past 30 years, our Union has made a great effort in nurturing young talents by equipping them with leadership skills as well as training their open-minded thinking towards global and local issues. Through working with over 30 of our member schools, we have developed into one of the leading student leadership organisations in Hong Kong.


Ascend the Arduous Altitudes


Today, we celebrate the 31st anniversary of the Union’s history. From a small coterie of inspired individuals, we have grown into a vibrant community of young leaders brimming with potential. I see in us a body of outstanding leaders galvanised to put vision into action, united by the fervent determination to cut through our superficial differences in the strive for a common goal: To Inspire Tomorrow’s Leaders Today. The momentous weight of the torch has been bestowed upon us, and it is our responsibility to ensure the Union’s development sees nothing but ascension from this point onwards. 


The past few years have posed daunting challenges, and our predecessors have responded admirably. Being flexible and fitting ourselves to the times are necessary qualities of a capable leader. But this year presents another type of challenge in itself: the test to set the Union back onto its original track — for far too long have we been barricaded from our rawest ambitions and grandest visions. There rests the responsibility to propagate Union traditions and restore order amongst chaos. During these turbulent times, a leader is not always someone who knows clearly where they will end up, but they must be those who are courageous enough to dream, and bold enough to answer. Setting out on this track was never meant to be easy, but this is a team effort: how different inputs strike a balance between ambition, prowess, and practicality, the blending of individualities to weave a tapestry of vibrancy. Strength in numbers. Together, I trust that we will scale even the most tumultuous mountains. 


Setting the Union back on the right course, however, is not the final destination. Normalcy will never be finality. My time in the Union has taught me that the great leaders are not made, but inspired. Inspiration awakens us to new possibilities through the transcendence of ordinary experiences and limitations. Through igniting the inner flame of passion and purpose, we drive ourselves forward in our endeavours and experiment with the type of leaders we could be. The Union is an ideal shelter for Campers to explore their personal boundaries and redefine their self-identities. But we don’t just stop there. Each Camper was meant to become a beacon outside of the Union, wherever that may be. By being an outstanding role model within their respective communities, they can, in turn, be the inspiration to many others. Leaders are never born. They are inspired. It is our responsibility to pass on the flame and unleash the untapped potential in those around us. To Inspire Tomorrow’s Leaders Today – there should be no boundaries and limitations to who you inspire. So, leaders of the future, let us spark change in our society. Let us be the inspiration. 


The road ahead is arduous; It will be taxing, and many don’t even dare to envision it. But being a part of the Union teaches you that the insurmountable is indeed achievable. “What are we aiming to achieve?” “Why do we want to achieve what we’re achieving?” – These are questions we must repeatedly ask ourselves in order not to lose sight of the grandiose of visions in the most intricate details. We must establish solid foundations for our goals, the unswaying grounds of action. Against the towering alps, we must not fear; one peak after another, we will remain true to our ideals and core to our ambitions. 


Today we begin our ascension to the mountaintop. Today, we take the first step towards normalcy and profound inspiration. And at the end of this year, when we reach the summit and look beyond the dazzling horizon, let us breathe in, look in retrospect, and take pride in how far we’ve come. 

To a more prosperous future of the 31​​st Hong Kong Union for Young leaders, I invite you to join us to ascend the arduous altitudes.


TAI, Zi Heng Wyatt


31st Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders

Words from Alumni

Katie Yuen

SMCC Alumni

23 Camper 24 Chair

The Union is a place for self-exploration, and for realising how each person is connected to each other and the bigger picture.

Sean Tam

SPC Alumni

23 Camper 24 External Secretary

Your real journey starts with letting go all of your insecurities and devoting to this place.

Steve Cheung

QC Alumni

19 Camper 20 Publicity Officer

What I earned from GAP may not only be my global awareness but most importantly a lifelong friendship with my groupmates.

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