• Annual General Meeting
  • Global Awareness Project - Orientation Day
  • Global Awareness Project - Workshop 1
  • Global Awareness Project - Workshop 2
  • Global Awareness Project - World Congress
  • Christmas Reunion 2018 - Mysa
  • Global Awareness Project - Closing Ceremony
  • Community Outlook - Orientation Day
  • Community Outlook - Elderly Poverty Simulation (co-organized with Oxfam and Eldpathy)
  • Community Outlook - Food Collection and Distribution Programme (co-organized with Food-Friend Action)
  • Community Outlook - Elderly Home Service (co-organized with Pearl Island Lion's Club)
  • Youth Leadership Seminar - Workshop 1
  • Youth Leadership Seminar - Workshop 2
  • Youth Leadership Seminar - Camp
  • Youth Leadership Seminar - Closing Ceremony

Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders


Words from the Chairperson

26 years of prestige, 26 years of persistence.  Marching into its 27th year of glory, the Union certainly would not have attained its existing calibre without the persistence of our predecessors.  The Union has long been a place for inspirers to thrive and to spark the flames of the younger generation. On the other hand, the Union demands excellence; improvement and refinement day by day allow us to reach newer heights and strive for perfection.  To most of us, the Union is also home, a home where we gather in unity to seek shelter in storms and shape our counterparts in the mind and the soul.


In the Union, we often use ‘outstanding-ness’ as the key, definitive element to emphasize our leadership qualities.  It comprises of two major components, one being skillfulness in what we do, and the other being our true-blue uniqueness.  We endeavour to transcend the limits to become as ambitious and competitive as we can be, and to put in all our effort to do things to their finest.  In the meantime, we do not forget who we are, who we are as just ordinary people, yet intrinsically unique in our own way. In practical terms, what does it take to reach the level of being truly outstanding?


Traverse the Turbulent Tides


First, stay focused.  You will be faced with innumerable challenges in the making of a leader, that is your future self.  There will be challenges that hinder the process, challenges that make you question your ability, challenges that shatters your determination.  Be prepared to cope with adversities and face the future confidently and courageously. Leap the obstacles with neither the slightest hesitation nor haste.  Testify, to the world, that you CAN reach your goals, rather than you MAY or will try to do so. There is no need to fear the turbulent tides; view them as foreseeable changes, anticipate their arrival, and embrace them boldly to strengthen your will to succeed.


Second, be loyal to yourself.  The Union is the conglomeration of passionate, powerful minds alike, aiming to bring about change in society.  But who are we, so to speak, to say we have the right to change the world, or rather, the ability to do so? We, as young leaders of now and tomorrow, are all capable of inducing a change in the world we are in.  We all have in mind a vision, a vision that awaits calling by the world to be taken into action. What differentiates us from the vast majority of the crowd is our tenacity and passion to actualize our visions. We possess the will to succeed.  We have the innate passion that empowers us to improve the world. We grasp the tenacity and seize the opportunities in hand to reach our goals, and we let nothing stop us from maximizing our potential and surpassing the expectations we have laid to ourselves.


Let us become the light to guide and inspire leaders of tomorrow.  We shall become one with the power of unity.


Shum, Yuk Ching Nat


27th Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders


Email: info@hkuyl.org.hk This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mail: General Post Office Box 10379, Central, Hong Kong SAR

Fax: 3013 9790

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