30th Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders
30th Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders

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HKUYL x Alumni Career Expo 2021
HKUYL x Alumni Career Expo 2021

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30th Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders
30th Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders

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Words from the Chairperson

Established in 1992, our Union is a non-profit organization run solely by secondary school students. Over the past 29 years, our Union has made a great effort in nurturing young talents by equipping them with leadership skills as well as training their open-minded thinking towards global and local issues. Through working with over 30 of our member schools, we have developed into one of the leading student leadership organizations in Hong Kong.


Forge your Fervent Fortes


In 2022, we celebrate our Union’s pearl anniversary, 30 outstanding years of “Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders Today”. We look back at our achievements, brimming with pride at all that we have done through trials and tribulation. Standing steadfast through the winds of change is one thing — our unity. Over the years, we have grown into a community of young leaders who support each other through thick and thin, and remain a solid source of strength for each other. It is quite a legacy our predecessors have established for us to uphold. 


May you live in interesting times”. The origin of this much-quoted curse is not quite clear. Interesting times can be, as we all know, difficult times. But what is clear is that turbulent times need purposeful leaders. The last two years have seen a number of necessary changes to our Union’s events and activities, changes that responded to unprecedented events. I would like to pay tribute to the Committee and to all our Campers who have made this period such great success despite the challenges. During this time, we remained undaunted. We dared to dream. Change is possible, but only if we are courageous enough to conceptualize it, work for it, and finally, fight for it while staying true to the core values and principles that brought us to where we are today. As we enter our 30th year, we might ultimately reflect that there has been no better way to put ourselves to the test and hold true to the spirit and vision of our Union to become the leaders of tomorrow. 


But leadership means more than just flexibly fitting ourselves to the times. To lead is to make the times and forge the future. It is about vision. About discovery. Our Campers come to the Union from many different backgrounds, with a range of different experiences. Some have been leaders before. Some have not. But all have a burning desire to learn. This is the essence of leadership. A leader is not always someone who knows exactly where they are going before they set out. But they set out anyway, confident about dealing with whatever the world might throw their way, and eager to shape and mold that vast expanse of life in the flaming light of their inner purpose. This is how we make opportunities out of obstacles, holding fast to our purpose and values, but knowing that there is much to be learned, in every moment, about exactly how to do so. Leaders are not usually born, but through faith and persistence, they can be made.


And we do not need to do that alone. The great pride of the Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders is our collective spirit, our desire to learn from each other, support each other, and push each other to excel. This does not mean that we will all become leaders in the very same mold. In fact, we will be able to embrace our individual fortes to become better versions of ourselves. We can all be an example and an inspiration to each one of our fellow UYLers, and to the wider community as well.


Being a part of the Union, you will learn to steel yourself against adversity, galvanize others to pursue our mission, and strengthen your mettle to succeed. I invite you to join us to forge your fervent fortes.


PON, Kai Chung Ryan


30th Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders

Words from Alumni

Katie Yuen

SMCC Alumni

23 Camper 24 Chair

The Union is a place for self-exploration, and for realising how each person is connected to each other and the bigger picture.

Sean Tam

SPC Alumni

23 Camper 24 External Secretary

Your real journey starts with letting go all of your insecurities and devoting to this place.

Steve Cheung

QC Alumni

19 Camper 20 Publicity Officer

What I earned from GAP may not only be my global awareness but most importantly a lifelong friendship with my groupmates.