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A life-changing journey - this is the most common phrase people use to describe their experience at HOBY WLC, not knowing what to expect, one’s HOBY journey never fails to redefine “life-changing”.  Have you ever felt purposeless, lost or uncertain of your goals? Well for me, I was lucky enough to get my golden ticket to enter the “chocolate factory” and eventually got my prize. But instead of owning a factory, I was rewarded with a new self, leaving Chicago feeling ambitious and inspired, wanting to bring sweetness to other’s lives.  


“Lead in Love”- the theme of this year’s Hugh O’Brian World Leadership Congress, not only to lead but with passion and love.  A question that might have appeared in one’s mind, what does it take to be outstanding? An appealing appearance, astonishing achievements or broad connections?  “Be thirsty” is my answer. Never fear of being indifferent because unrealistic goals tend to succeed, the one who craves for more and is willing to think out of the box, are destined to succeed.  The WLC provides ambassadors from 14 countries a platform to address and express, a chance for us to redefine ourselves. Overcoming language barriers and cultural differences, ambassadors have the honour to get to know issues of different countries also to raise awareness of issues in their own country. 

During the Global Awareness Project, Campers certainly deepened their understanding of various global issues, but to alleviate or even solve the problems, the idea seems pretty distant from us.  Community Outlook unveiled the needs of our society, raised our heads to look around ourselves. But nevertheless, I never found an answer nor a solution and a sense of helplessness struck me. At the WLC, we get to interact with inspiring guest speakers, I realized they all have something in common- a heart to serve.  Deep in everyone’s heart, we aspire to accomplish great things, but at last, only a few consist of the courage to live their dreams. Uncertainty and second-thoughts are what trips us over on our way to achieve, our doubts trap ourselves in a whirlpool, questioning ourselves “are you sure?” “can I do it?”- the sirens to distract us from our paves, how do we stop them?  Houston Kraft, one of the guest speakers said, “Be the one to say “I’ll go first”.” In order for a change to happen, we need to be the one to arouse the attention, take that step and make the change. As “cringe” as it sounds, never hypnotize yourself and say something is impossible but the word itself says “I’m possible”.   

Be bold, stand out and be the one to pose the change.  Stay outstanding.

CHING, Ho Ling Melody

Hong Kong Ambassador


I have nothing but one word to describe my HOBY experience: surreal.

It was nothing like I’ve ever imagined, ever experienced.  And I assure you I don’t like exaggerating.

Yes, we had fun, we danced to Frozen and sang at the top of our lungs, we exchanged friendship bracelets and made our own handshakes (sounds lame but it wasn’t); but what I have brought home was so much more.  Except for being a little tanner, a little more familiarized with American slang, I have become so much more confident, self-aware, and cognizant of the world around me.

In HOBY, two things stood out to me: the people, and the people.  Individuals, and communities.

Visions, visions in individuals.  To have the courage, the confidence to do something more.   On a short bus trip to Chicago downtown, a girl and I talked about Trump, about gun control, she told me she wants to be a politician when she’s older, to change her country; and all I thought was, politicians are always judged for the things they do, a career I wouldn’t choose.  Over lunch, another girl said she wants to study education in university and become a teacher, to change the lives of unfortunate African children; and all I thought was, teaching in third world countries would not be comfortable and safe, also a career I wouldn’t choose. But then I ask myself, why the cynicism?  All along, I have been working hard to strive for excellence, working hard to be better than others. But what is “excellence”? What is “better”? Have I really been so short-sighted, ignorant of the many issues of the world, living in my own bubble? So I must say, I am in no place to judge others for their visions, visions I don’t have.  I admire my fellow HOBY ambassadors, for doing things I don’t dare to do.

Positivity, the positivity that lingers in the HOBY family.  It was so common to catch one or two compliments on your dress or hair, from someone you don’t know.  People do not judge and define you for your mistakes, but instead, give you more support. It was a place where I actually felt outstanding.  There was no need to worry about dramas, backstabbing, secrets. There was no need for facades. A warm, fuzzy feeling stays with me till now.  The WLC only lasted for a week, but as cliche, as it is, some friendships do last forever, and I am eternally grateful to have met the most supportive and encouraging bunch during my week in Chicago.

“Kids make dreams goals, while adults make goals dreams.” -- something I remember dearly from the WLC.  So, my fellow young leader, embrace yourself, be a better version of yourself every day. We’ve got some big goals to smash.

YUNG, Cheuk Yin Jolie

Hong Kong Ambassador


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