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Have you ever asked yourself, is there anything or anyone you strongly believe in? 


This year, the theme of HOBY WLC is ‘I believe’.  Through interacting and exchanging beliefs with young leaders all around the world, engaging in thought-provoking talks, and refining on skills and qualities to be a true leader, not only did HOBY bring me a new perspective on life, but it also reinforced my convictions in life.  What’s more is that the dialogues I made with ambassadors from different countries deeply touched me. We dug deep into world issues like feminism, gun violence, and racism. What amazed me the most was that some of them were activists in their own community and they were the ones who strived for rights for the people in their hometown.  All of us devoted our efforts in different issues and shared a common belief - to make this world a better place. 


Apart from that, I begin to care about others more, for I know the world consists of a broad spectrum of ethnicity, religion, and race, meaning people around the globe come from diverse backgrounds and have their own struggles.  What you see from them is just a tip of an iceberg, for you never know what they have gone through or what kind of story they can tell. So, be kind to everyone and spread love around the world.


Lastly, if you ask me what HOBY really meant to me, I would say, if HKUYL is the turning point of my secondary school life, then HOBY is definitely the turning point of my life. 


Thank you UYL.  Thank you HOBY.

LI, Kei Yin Brandon

Hong Kong Ambassador


There’s no doubt that we all wear a mask in our daily life, the mask which disguises us as the perfect ‘us’ others would expect.  Every day, every minute, every second, we try so hard to attain that particular perfect level just to gain recognition from our peers, friends, and family.  But when each of us is working so hard to fit into that mould, we just happen to lose our true identity. As one of the delegates of Hong Kong participating in HOBY 2018, I got a golden chance to put down my facade and summon my true self. 


‘I Believe’ is the theme of HOBY WLC 2018.  Taking this concept one step further, BElieving YOUrself starts simply by being you.  This is what the WLC 18 emphasized on, to encourage ambassadors from around the globe to look inside ourselves and recognize our worth.  HOBY forged an atmosphere that allows one to unleash their true self and to perceive one’s identity. Here at HOBY, we were encouraged to be who we are instead of who others want us to be.  Brought up in entirely different cultures, traditions, along with various political and religious stances, ambassadors openly shared their views and “bombarded” each other with questions over certain topics.  This sense of pluralism was overwhelming. I was captivated by how other delegates did not have the slightest hesitation to open up and voice out their deepest thoughts. Listening to insights and experiences from teenagers of the same age but with diverse backgrounds had me acknowledged the world we are currently living in.  Mesmerizingly, opposing beliefs somehow fused into one - we have to make a change in the uncommon times, where hidden problems slowly emerge into our lives. 


‘You only regret the risks you didn’t take.’  This was said by Carla Hall, one of the keynote speakers.  It touched my heart in many ways. Leaders actuate changes, yet, changes couldn’t be made without taking risks.  Initiating projects that create impacts on society sounds almost surreal at the age of 16. However, almost every ambassador in WLC had created their own campaign in their own hometowns, some aimed to raise public awareness on gun violence in the US, and others promoted racial equality.  All of these outstanding ambassadors had one thing in common. They possessed great spirit, the kind of spirit which led to their strong determination. It is almost impossible to make significant changes in this rapidly changing society without a clear vision. I was deeply inspired by their courage, the courage to embrace the unknown, by accepting the risks and fight for what they believe in, as well as their will to act as soon as they acknowledge a problem. 


HOBY was a life-changing journey for me.  Through this thought-provoking experience, I realized what I’ve experienced before the WLC is just the tip of an iceberg.  HOBY WLC encouraged me to dive deeper into the ocean, where values and beliefs are unveiled. If you never walk through the fog, you might never know what’s behind it.  BELIEVE in yourself, take risks, and be outstanding in your own way.

ZHOU, Yue Amy

Hong Kong Ambassador


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