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Youth Leadership Seminar - Lurithia

During the Youth Leadership Seminar, Campers are placed into a narrative, where they have to cope with the practical issues in the context of a fictitious world. They will have the chance to put the skills that they have acquired thus far, such as communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking, to the test through programs and tasks. As they stand by each other through hardships and hurdles, their camaraderie will also strengthen.


Orientation Day

The Youth Leadership Seminar Orientation Day has been successfully held in TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College on Saturday, 4th March, 2023. The Orientation Day marks the inception of a new chapter in their Camper’s journey – the Youth Leadership Seminar (YLS), introducing participants to a range of leadership styles and providing opportunities for delicate interpersonal interactions. Campers explored the many facets of effective leadership and gained valuable insights into the qualities and skills that define successful leaders.

We hope that this new beginning will inspire Campers to pursue their ideal form of leadership and empower them to step out of their comfort zones in this arduous expedition.


First Workshop

The inaugural Youth Leadership Seminar (YLS) Workshop was held successfully on Saturday, March 18th, 2023. The Workshop took the form of a city tracing activity, where participants completed various challenging checkpoints scattered across different districts of Hong Kong. Through limited clues, the Campers navigated towards the destinations while engaging in checkpoint games that tested their critical thinking and communication skills.

The Campers demonstrated remarkable team spirit and perseverance throughout the activity, which culminated in Cheung Chau. As they witnessed the fleeting beauty of the sunset, they appreciated the precious yet limited opportunities for team-building and personal growth that their Camper journey offers. We trust that the tracing activities organised during the Workshop have effectively enhanced the Campers' bonding and leadership skills. As we anticipate the remainder of the YLS, we look forward to witnessing the tremendous growth of our young leaders.


Second Workshop

The second Youth Leadership Seminar (YLS) Workshop was successfully held on Saturday, March 25th, 2023, at St. Paul's Co-educational College. The Workshop had a central objective of fostering creativity in leadership, which was exemplified by the Campers' presentations of their squad flags, slogans, and songs. Through musical and other creative elements, the Campers demonstrated their subtle brilliance of artistry, which set a tone of innovation for the rest of the Workshop. Later, the Campers participated in a campus tracing activity, completing various checkpoints and missions, which further honed their strategic and teamwork skills.

The Workshop served as a valuable opportunity for the Campers to bond with their groups and transition into the upcoming Youth Leadership Seminar Camp. We are confident that the Workshop has contributed to enhancing the Campers' leadership skills and establishing long-lasting friendships with their group mates.


Youth Leadership Seminar Camp

The Youth Leadership Seminar Camp was successfully held from 10th to 13th April, 2023 at Po Leung Kuk Jockey Club Tai Tong Holiday Camp.  The Camp was surely a time of friendship and growth. We hope that Campers will treasure the beautiful memories made in this truly remarkable experience.


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