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Social Awareness Project

The Social Awareness Project (SAP) marks the beginning of the Camper Journey. The Project aims to cultivate a sense of global responsibility in Campers by providing them with a platform to delve deep into both local and international issues, draft solutions and navigate the intricacies of international cooperation. Within the Project, Campers will act as Ambassadors of designated countries, and are guided to understand different cultures and to resolve pressing issues around the globe


Orientation Day

The Orientation Day of the Social Awareness Project (SAP) was held on 19th November, 2022, marking the official commencement of 49 F4 students’ HKUYL camper journey.

After being divided into smaller groups of 6, Campers worked exuberantly on various tasks with their new groupmates. The Orientation Day assisted Campers in forging closer connections with their group mates, as well as providing a foreground for the expectations of SAP. We hope Campers are able to develop closer connections with their groupmates, and we look forward to witnessing their tremendous growth and outstanding achievements.


First Workshop

The first workshop of the Social Awareness Project (SAP) was held successfully on 3rd December, 2022 at TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College. Campers were tasked to investigate different global issues, delving into root causes and developing potential solutions to the problems. During the workshop, Campers presented their findings through detailed proposals and live presentation, while a judge panel was present to stimulate Camper’s critical thinking skills through immediate feedback and questions.

A series of group activities, designed around the theme of globalism, were then held around the site. Campers not only acquired a more profound insight into worldwide problems, but also gained a taste of the negative impacts of wealth disparity on an individual and community level. We hope Campers were inspired to take a step forward and take up a more active role in alleviating global problems. With a steeled will and bold courage, they are destined to make a change in society. We anticipate their success with high expectations.


Second Workshop

The Second Workshop of the Social Awareness Project (SAP) was successfully held on the 10th December, 2022, at Queen’s College. Campers received a fruitful sharing session by Inter Cultural Education (ICE). The session revolved around the intersectionalities of cultures, and assisted in fostering Camper’s better understanding and respect for the different ways of life. The experience also helped Campers develop an open mind towards diversity, an essential step in constructing a harmonious and inclusive community.

Following the sharing session, Campers took part in a cultural performance, where they were given the chance to display intangible cultural heritages. It was not only an opportunity for Campers to appreciate the intricaties of cultural heritages from different countries, but also a platform for them to immerse themselves in a variety of unique traditions. The cultural performance was no doubt an enriching experience, furthering Camper’s sense of globalism and broadening their horizons. We hope Campers can maintain their genuine and open-minded approach in future endeavours.


World Congress

The World Congress was successfully held on the 23rd and 24th December, 2022, at AMO in Tsim Sha Tsui. As the pinnacle of the Social Awareness Project (SAP), the World Congress revolved around the global mission to secure basic human rights across different communities. Campers examined a plethora of pressing Human Rights-related crises, deciphering the underlying root causes behind such atrocities and attempting to mitigate their negative impacts. Through interactive forums and team-based tasks, Campers voiced out their viewpoints and worked in collaboration to strike up a Forum Proposal, with a common aim to guarantee basic human rights for a larger majority. Throughout the process, sophisticated thinking and critical analysis were fundamental attributes to ensuring a technical and productive Congress.

We believe that Ambassadors have gained a deeper insight into Human Rights-related crises, while further honing collaboration and communication skills. We hope Ambassadors will maintain their vehemence towards global affairs as they remark on their path to become future leaders.


Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony of the Social Awareness Project (SAP) was successfully held on Saturday, 21st January, 2023. It officially marked the completion of the Social Awareness project. At the final session of SAP, Campers looked back on an enriching and fulfilling experience. The past few weeks had been a flurry of frenzy, packed with fruitful workshops, thought-provoking presentations, and engaging discussion sessions. Campers had the opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions with their peers, learn from knowledgeable people, and establish new connections.

As Campers’ SAP journey drew to an end, there was a palpable sense of accomplishment and camaraderie in the air. Campers were no longer strangers, but rather part of a group of like-minded individuals with a shared passion to strive for the better. The knowledge gained, the skills honed, and the relationships forged during this endeavour will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on Campers’ personal and professional lives.

After the Social Awareness Project, Campers carried their deepened understanding of society and fresh ideas to work in the Community Outlook (CO).


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