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Community Outlook

Moving onto the Community Outlook, Campers will have the opportunity to serve society through volunteering activities, and broaden their horizons by interacting with people of varying backgrounds. During workshops and simulations, Campers can experience and gain insights from communal issues, ranging from the ageing population and the disabled to inequality and intergenerational poverty. Then, through service experiences in collaboration with external non-profit organisations, Campers will be able to apply their knowledge to serve the community first-hand and help those in need.


First Community Service

The First Workshop of the Community Outlook (CO) was successfully held on Saturday, 11th February, 2023. We were fortunate to resume our community project, which was halted during the outbreak of the pandemic, advancing our initiative to bring change in the community.

Jointly hosted with YWCA, Campers visited elderly residents in their private homes near Kennedy Town to provide them assistance and care. Campers chatted with seniors to learn about their current situation and urgent needs, which helped them better gauge the obstacles faced by senior citizens, such as the difficulty of living alone or under disabilities. Campers were able to reflect on the various preferences or requirements of older people, which enabled Campers to be more conscious of their needs and provide more timely and suitable aid. The experience no doubt enhanced Campers’ sense of compassion, as well as their intrinsic responsibility in reaching out to help elderly people more frequently.

At the end of the visit, Campers presented gift packs with staple food items and daily necessities to the elderly as a token of encouragement. From the elderlies’ smiles of gratitude, Campers’ visits were no doubt a positive impact in the community. We hope Campers were incentivised to bring a positive change by starting from simple but kind acts.


Second Community Service

The Fun Fair Service was successfully held on Sunday, 26th February, 2023 at YWCA Jockey Club Western District Integrated Social Service Centre. The event showcased Campers’ weeks of progress and hard work throughout the Community Outlook (CO). Campers organized booth games for youth groups that aimed to promote global cultures while interacting with families from different backgrounds.

Campers were able to develop a sense of commitment and understanding towards our society. They also improved their cooperation, organising and communication skills as they served children through a team-based approach. We believe this valuable experience can help Campers to become future leaders with a strong sense of social responsibility.

We hope Campers can maintain their involvement and awareness towards local issues. By staying engaged with the community, Campers can continue to make a positive impact and help to shape a better future for all.


Closing Ceremony

The Community Outlook Closing Ceremony has been successfully held in TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College on Saturday, 4th March, 2023.

The Closing Ceremony served as an ample opportunity for Campers to reflect on their enriching experiences during the Community Outlook, which included interacting with elders in their homes and hosting an exciting fun fair for families. Through their introspective reflection on their volunteering services, Campers gained valuable insights into the importance of community engagement and the positive impact that can result from it. We are incredibly proud of their achievements and look forward to seeing the many ways in which they will continue to make a difference through enthusiastic devotion to their communities.


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