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Camper-cum-Committee Project -

Approaching the end of the Camper Journey, Campers will take up the role of organisers to put their strengths and ingenuity acquired in the previous projects to good use as they design their self-initiated project for non-members of HKUYL. Campers will gain a taste of the preparation work involved in brainstorming programmes for participants while Committee Members provide them with apt advice as to how they can organise a successful event.


After half a year of leadership training, it was finally time for Campers to apply all that they have learnt into organizing a summer programme on their own. Not only have Campers strengthened their problem-solving skills during the events, the evaluation sessions they had also provoked further discussions about how they could put the Union’s motto of “To Inspire Tomorrow’s Leaders Today” into action. It has been a blast to watch Campers transcending their old limits and maturing into the quality leaders we see today. We wish all Campers the very best no matter how rough the road ahead may be.

Now, let's have the 31st Campers introduce Cylestria to us.


Cylestria - Navigate the Nebulous Nights

Cylestria is a two month summer event held by the 31st HKUYL Campers. With the aim of nurturing future leaders, the project strives to polish participants’ leadership skills, as well as build up camaraderie among them through collaboration with one another. It is hoped that participants can be inspired by their peers and gain everlasting lessons that render them pioneers in different aspects by transforming their bold visions into action.

Throughout Cylestria, we have planned a range of activities to help participants soar into the depths of space. Our program is a constellation of experiences, with the Orientation Day as the first star that lights partcipants' way, the Workshop as the thread that weaves it all together, the four-day-three-night Camp, held in the Chinese Univeristy of Hong Kong, as the pinnacle that inspires them, and the Closing Ceremony as the grand finale that celebrates their achievements. 

In addition, the assigned tasks, which require skills from different areas, can help participants equip themselves with divergent abilities that pave the way for their future development. As the union values creativity, eagerness to try, and passion for improving, we hope to instill these values into our participants and show us what they have got.

Throughout Cylestria, we are more than grateful to recieve support from Alumni, Committee Members, cheering us all along the way. We hope that Cylestria was memorable for all Participants, Campers, Committee Members, and Alumni.

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