Life is an envelope. 

It carries with it a letter with much greater importance, but its contents are never truly realized until it reaches its mailing address, its destination.  If life is an envelope, then we are the stamp on the envelope. We hold on dearly to the envelope, unwilling to let go, just so that when we serve our purpose in life, we get to know what it contains.  Our role as the stamp may seem insignificant. Yet without it, our messages are not delivered. Some of us may lose faith and give up, and as they fall off, their visions are not delivered. Some stamps have short journeys.  Others, however, travel a great distance, over rough seas and daunting mountains, to deliver their messages.

Identify your destination.  It could be anywhere you wish, whatever you wish to accomplish in your life.  Then, stick to it. No matter how hard it may seem, now that you’ve decided that it’s important to you, you must carry on.  After your tireless journey of pursuit, no matter the outcome, you have succeeded, because you sought your goals and ideals and you stuck to it when millions of others failed; that will be YOUR version of success. 

This is Jonathan Cheng, 27 Camper, 28 Chair.

Embrace.  Engage. Endure.  And Flourish.

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