Feeling exhilarated?  Feeling confused? Feeling nervous?


Starting from the exact moment you stepped into the hall, you are destined to sail in an ocean full of unforeseeable confrontation.  In the coming year, you are going to encounter numerous challenges that may shatter your determination. Nonetheless, the way leading you to the salient summit enables you to unearth your hidden potentials and transform you into a better self, and I can assure you that all these will leave a permanent mark in your entire life.


The journey itself is astonishing and roller-coaster like, yet you are the one who turns it into an invaluable and remarkable one, your determination to thrive, your intrepidity to overcome the challenges, and ultimately, your belief in yourself.  All of you are here for a reason, and all of you definitely deserve the word imprinted on your T-shirt. So do take pride in every step you’ve made, embrace those who make you stumble, stride dauntlessly and leave no regrets.


This is Aidan Yung, 26 CCC Parti, 27 Camper, 28 Insec.

It’s now or never, go ahead.

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