The voyage of your life begins at the moment when you truthfully ascertain where you are cruising off.  It does not have to be a precise destination nor a port of call but it has to be directional. 


At the very beginning, it is quite frustrating and infuriating when you are in search of your direction in this boundless and spacious ocean.  Yet, do keep in mind that the voyage you embarked is incalculable. Only with open-mindedness can you adapt the raging storms in the course of the expedition as you are on the trail of your dreams.  Be prepared for things that are beyond your wildest dreams, which are opportunities to uncover the alter ego hidden deep inside you. 


Chances are that you will get lost.  Instead of complaining about the hardships and misadventures, it is better to stay focused and keep reminding yourself of WHY you wanted to be great and HOW you started your voyage.  It is guaranteed that ultimately you will approach to a sunny close and above all the rewards of your voyage, both tangible and intangible.


This is Sunny Ching, 27 Camper, 28 Vice.

Stay gold.

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