The curtains draw back on your UYL journey the moment you step into this hall.  No matter what you currently feel,  this place is now home; a realm and a time for you to shine. 


Life is about making choices and discoveries.  Sometimes decisions propel you, and sometimes they discourage you; regardless of this, remember that they are never truly right or wrong.  Don't look back in anger on decisions past, because you will be late for the future in front of you. This odyssey will be one that traverses the improbable and surmounts the impossible, but do not fear; what is the challenge without difficulty and perseverance?


I believe that everything happens for a reason.  Our reason for existence is the journey we undertake to search for these reasons, each to their own and yet united in conquest.  When you have trodden the complete trail and gaze at these words once spoken, perhaps you will be in for a pleasant surprise; your glittering accomplishments and dreams, showered in an abundance of UYL magic. 


Stay true.  Stay confident.  Stay outstanding.  Stare down the odds and seize your day. 


This is Timothy Chow, 26 CCC Parti, 27 Camper, 28 PO. 

Believe in yourself, and always be you.

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