Things happen for a reason.  Whether you've found it or not - there must be a reason for you to be here - to become a Camper.  Once you've taken a step into the union, you are a part of the 28th year of excellence. 


The expedition ahead is challenging, with unexpected circumstances that make you perplexed, distressed, and even frustrated.  But remember the unfamiliar faces around you, for they will accompany you throughout the year. Embrace everyone's uniqueness and be grateful for the tiny bits encountered.

Time does fly.  When you look back at the year spent in the Union, not only will you be surprised by how far you've reached, but also how much you've grown.  Indeed, sometimes the effort you pay doesn’t guarantee the expected outcome, but it’s always what you gain that matters. To err is human, and that’s what makes your Camper Journey truly unique and indelible.  Amidst the difficulty lies opportunity, believe it and go for it, as nothing changes if nothing changes.    


Be inquisitive; Be intrepid; Be introspective; Be YOU, bravely.  Show yourself how OUTSTANDING you can be.  


This is Rainbow Pun, 26 CCC Parti, 27 Camper, 28 PM. 

Life is not what you take of it but what you make of it.  

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