Rise and shine young man. 


Your journey is not determined by the history of who you are, it is determined by who you want to be and who you are going to be.  Rocky roads and monstrous mountains are a part of nature and it is your choice to whether fall or climb over it. You may feel confused, unmotivated or even wanting to capitulate throughout this journey but this is what makes this so special, a unique and personal journey that has your own memorable ups and downs.


Grasp every opportunity possible and do not be afraid to express your true self, being who you are is the most important out of everything.  We often hide ourselves behind skins and masks just to be socially normal but unleashing the beast inside you and leaving no regrets are the things that matters the most.


There are miracles and there are slumps, learn from every one of it and move on to the next challenge.  Three word that determine your altitude: improvise, adapt and overcome. 

This is Aaron Wu, 26 CCC Parti, 27 Camper, 28 Exsec.

Unleash the beast.

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