Global Awareness Project World Congress  Dec 27 - Dec 28
The World Congress of the GAP was held from the 27th to 28th of December, 2017 at Youth Square in Chai Wan.  During the first day, Campers presented their findings and proposed solutions on the problems of their assigned countries.  They also had to deal with questions from Committee members representing different stakeholders and other Campers on the spot.
Afterwards, they were tasked to try and refine one of their proposed solutions overnight and deliver a speech to convince Campers to support their proposal during the voting session on the next day.  Throughout these two days, not only did Campers sharpen their problem-solving skills, but their persuasive, collaborative, and leadership abilities were also being put to the test.  In the end, two of the six proposals were passed.
The day concluded with a negotiation game.  During the first stage of the game, Campers from each country were given a set amount of resources and had to collect extra units of resources from various checkpoints.  Then, they engaged in a negotiation session where they had to negotiate with other countries in order to gain resources that were most important for their country.  This allowed Campers to understand the importance of cooperation for achieving success and development for all countries.

Global Awareness Project Workshop 2  Dec 9


The Second Workshop of the Global Awareness Project took place on 9th December, 2017 at Kings College.  Campers first engaged in a mass game, where they learnt the importance of how the resources of Earth should be used for the overall advancement of all peoples and not selfishly squandered and competed for by countries. 
Following the mass game, the Campers were asked to take on their identity as ambassadors during the Cultural Convergence.  They demonstrated the unique cultures of their assigned countries, featuring dances, poetry, and more unique cultural elements.  The performances gave Campers a chance to further embrace the culture of various countries around the world and gain a more in-depth understanding on their respective countries.
The day concluded with the Mini Conference, which allowed information to be exchanged between countries, broadening their horizons and extending their scope of view beyond their designated countries.  Not only did the mini-conference develop the knowledge of Campers in terms of the current international relations, it also developed their verbal, communication, and leadership skills as they were asked to compromise and cooperate despite having contrasting interests.  
Global Awareness Project Workshop 1  Nov 26
The first Workshop of the GAP took place on 26th November, 2017 at TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College.  In the morning, Campers were divided into three groups in the Hunger Banquet, representing the lower class, the middle class, and the upper class in society. It aimed to allow Campers to reflect whether the distribution of wealth and power in society is fair by correlating gained rewards and work intensity, symbolising social inequality. 
After a demanding morning, Campers presented their findings on two major problems of their assigned countries. Afterwards, they had to respond to immediate challenges and enquiries in the question-and-answer session from Committee members and other Campers.

Annual General Meeting cum Global Awareness Project Orientation Day  Nov 12

The Annual General Meeting was successfully held on 12th November, 2017 at Wah Yan College, Kowloon.  It marked the beginning of the 26th Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders, and we were privileged to have our Honorary Advisor, Mr. Alan Leong Kah-kit, SC to give us a speech, providing innovation and stimulation to Campers for the coming year.
It was then followed by the Orientation Day of the Global Awareness Project (GAP).  Campers were introduced to the Outstanding Cheer and other traditions of the Union. They also participated in a Campus Tracing session and several ice-breaking games, familiarising themselves with their group mates.


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